Surrey Care Record Enhancement

Dear Surrey Heartlands SyCR End User,


We would like to announce an important enhancement to the Surrey Care Record (SyCR) - the integration of Practice Plus Group's (PPG) Out of Hours (OOH) data. This initiative, part of the ICB's continuous efforts to improve patient care and information accessibility, marks a meaningful milestone in the journey towards a fully integrated healthcare system.


Key Highlights:


·         Enhanced Patient Information: The addition of OOH data from PPG ensures that users have access to a broader spectrum of patient information. This enhancement supports improved clinical decision-making, especially in acute and out-of-hours scenarios, where timely access to patient records is crucial.

·         Continuity of Care: The integration facilitates an improved continuity of care, bridging the gap between in-hours and out-of-hours services.

·         Secure and Timely Access: Adhering to our commitment to data security and privacy, access to OOH data is governed by strict information governance protocols. This ensures that patient information remains confidential and secure and is accessed only by authorised personnel.


Your feedback is invaluable to the project team. Please share your experiences and suggestions for improvement by sending an email to; this will support continuous improvement within the business-as-usual process.

Published on 28 May 2024